Time for a Change of Tune

A bespoke result of 99.4% positive sentiment

Thanks to global financial meltdown, trust in banks and card issuers was at an all-time low. People certainly didn’€™t believe that financial institutions cared about them as individuals. Briefed to communicate Barclaycard’€™s new Bespoke Offers service to young people, Maxus UK set out to radically challenge the perception of banking.

Barclays Bespoke Ballads

To prove that Barclaycard genuinely cares about customers as individuals, we decided to put real people at the heart of its communications. And what better way to make someone feel special than with a song about their own life story, followed by a bespoke offer that is unique to them.

Together with Barclaycard we created #bespokeballads. We announced the quirky campaign on social media and reached around 33% of the UK population, inviting people to register their interest in having a bespoke ballad made for them.

Pulling content from individual Twitter feeds, we created something most people would never get to experience: a professionally recorded ballad written all about them. And each video finished with an offer that was based on their particular interests.

Production was swift. Musicians turned around songs within the day. Videos were posted to YouTube and viewers were invited to drive the story further via social sharing.